Nicolas Bateau and Cyril Borie are from Bayonne, a city in the French Basque Country known as the chocolate capital of France. Their work as a chef and pastry chef brought them to Ireland, and the pair set up L’Art Du Chocolat in 2013, operating out of  a location in the K Club for the first few years.

They opened the doors of their chocolate bar on Maynooth’s Main Street in November 2016.

L’Art du Chocolat produce handmade chocolates and chocolate sculptures using Valrhona Chocolate.

In the Chocolate Bar, you will be able to see eye catching ideas, handmade chocolates and fine french style patisserie , made on the spot for the pleasure of your eyes and palate, in the lovely town of Maynooth, County Kildare, near Dublin.

Cyril Borie , Nicolas Bateau and the team will be happy to welcome you to enjoy lunch, a sweet treat or simply a hot chocolate in a warm and welcoming ambiance.



  • Fabio BATBY

Nicolas BATEAU & Cyril BORIE